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Pet Registry Breeder ID: DOGS NSW ANKC 2100040163
Quality dogs' numerous generations of history recorded, and many generations of dogs viewed on site.
I welcome inspections it is vital people see where their dogs come from conditions, they are reared also parentage and other dogs within the bloodlines.
people can fake pictures and videos on a website but in real life cannot.
I breed for trainability and choose healthy robust animals in my breeding program.
I have owned over 25 generations of these dogs.
Puppies will be Main Pedigreed signed NOT for breeding, Microchipped, Vaccinated and are wormed every two weeks. They are reared on healthy fresh food diet with quality dry puppy food for minerals. A detailed puppy pack is provided and vet checks for all. Owners get to choose names on pedigree.
All puppies will be trained to ‘puppy level’ obedience before leaving which includes crate and toilet trained, sit, down, started retrieval, walking on, leash and harness.
Valley gem Dobermanns are bred with robust conformation and character, easy to train, confident, reliable and safe for children. They have been reared with children and other pets inclusive of livestock and small fluffy dogs.
I advise picking up the puppies in person. I am a Former Police Dog Trainer RAAF and happy to assist with management, husbandry, training.
A detailed puppy pack is provided and also can be downloaded off my website 7 pages of helpful information.
I offer breeder support.
We welcome inspections of our facilities and dogs. Puppies can be transported with flights organized by breeder and transported to Brisbane airport.
PLEASE CALL CHERYL ON 0416136633. Taking deposits now.
NONE of our Dobermans are EVER SOLD FOR OTHERS TO BREED NO EXEMPTIONS (Please do not ask.)
As a governmental trainer of 36 years, I have watched the demise of many breeds of dogs within Australia and do not wish to add to this problem.

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valleygem dobermanns

A well established reputaion

We have a well established reputation with the goal of breeding Dobermans true to the traditional bloodlines in Europe. A compact, healthy working dog with balanced drives and stability for training and ability to work.

We think it is a privilege to breed the Dobermann and hope with the well researched ValleyGem breeding program to make a major contribution to the improvement of the the Dobermann bloodlines in Australia.

All puppies are tested for specific drives such as play drive (retrieval) from six weeks of age to determine which individual puppy is best suited for a designated task.

We specialize in dogs for companion/family pet, personal property protection, dog sports or ring sports and security for rural properties and horse studs.

The right attitude

dobermannOur Dobermans are bred for physical robustness and training ability, true to the working lines of dobermanns in Europe of the past.

Confidence,  stability, ability to be calm and adapt to a changing environment balanced drives for work, Strong nerve, full mouth grip with a high aptitude to make the right decisions  and a willingness to please.

We are looking for a compact strong shape athletic and less pre-disposioned for physical unsoundness. Our dogs are VWD tested to ensure health longevity. Some of our dobes have lived until the very mature age of 15. Breeding dogs with solid bones, compact strong backs we find are  more orthopedic sound and a more athletic and hardy dog.

A healthy and long life

The average weight of our male dobermanns is approximate 38-45kg and 26-40kg for the females with an average height of approximate 60-66cm for the males and 60-64cm for the females. we do not breed tall big dogs we concentrate on breeding for robustness so shorter more compact dogs are far more hardy and athletic specifically for working dogs in sport or on farms and with lots activity, jumping in Utes, in creeks, following on horseback. etc 

Our dobermann breeding dogs are farm dogs with acres to run. We choose our breeding dogs for train ability and reliability in a high stimulus environment. Our dobermanns have a high aptitude with an exceptional outgoing nature which makers them socially stable.

A natural diet

We believe in a natural diet of fresh meats, vegetables, fruits, cereals, and quality mineral supplements . All puppies come with a colorful booklet presentation covering a healthy diet, the daily care to keep your puppy healthy and proven training hints. We do not promote commercially processed food.

The ValleyGem Guarantee

We pride ourselves to breed Dobermanns with an outstanding pleasing attitude with a lot of time spend on the training and imprinting of your puppy. We also provide ongoing assistance and breeder support.



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