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Pet Registry Breeder ID : DOGS NSW ANKC 2100040163

European Doberman puppies for sale.

Pedigreed, Microchipped, Vaccinated, wormed 2 weekly from 2 weeks age.
Quality bloodlines bred for over 30 years good longevity parentage can be viewed on site and grandparents I also owned many generations of these dogs.
Robust outgoing happy dogs.
Had lots of handling children and other pets inclusive of small breed fluffy dogs, pigs, sheep, goats, cows.
all puppies trained to puppy level obedience before leaving vid supplied and or training new owners. Crate trained, toilet trained, sit, down, started retrieval, walking on, leash and harness.
Very strong healthy big boned pups Our dogs are larger solid body types as I breed for Robust conformation easy to train dogs confident reliable safe for children and home protection great family dogs.
They are reared on healthy fresh food diet with quality dry science diet for minerals.
I am a Former Police Dog trainer RAAF and give new owners ongoing support help and training.
Detailed puppy pack provided and vet checks of all pups before leaving fit to fly's supplied and puppies can be transported with flights organized by breeder and transported to Brisbane airport.
Please feel free to call or come and view my facilities and dogs we welcome inspections.
Owners get to choose names on pedigree.
Cheryl 0416136633

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We welcome inspections

Clean facilities with good care and love equals healthy happy puppies

Our dogs are extremely well loved and cared for .
I have over 30 years experience in animal care and am also a former Police Dog Trainer RAAF and have been training and caring for dogs for over 30 years. So plenty of knowledge in rearing and imprinting dogs .No amount of effort and time has spared into rearing each litter of puppy's, and the care of our dogs.
It is a privilege to breed and create, and my goal is to breed robust dogs which can also work and be easy to live with .
We welcome inspections as we believe all people buying a puppy should meet the parents and view their home.
We can not stress enough for puppy buyers to do this. See our RSPCA smart puppy buyers guide on our buying a puppy page.

Temperature controlled

Insulated puppy temperature controlled room with access to outdoor yards

Outdoor Yards

Dogs require stimulus and good exercise especially large breed high energy dogs. We play with the puppies regularly and working from home there is always plenty of care.Living on acreage allows us to have plenty of room and large grassy running areas to explore for our pups .
Our pups are indoors as well and at night and have temperature controlled rooms we toilet train our puppies throughout the night, of a day they have their rooms open so they have access to their outdoor areas.

Plenty of thing to explore

At Valleygem our puppies have access to large grassy puppy areas and are also rotated to different areas so they have lots stimulus of different environments.
we also have large indoor rooms which join our home so puppies are reared as part of our family with loads of handling and interaction day and night.

Creature Comforts

Lots of creature comforts with clean bedding and spotless conditions.

Natural Diet

Our Dobermanns are fed two time a day. Mother and pups get food to munch on all day.
Their diet is based on natural fresh meats, bones, vegetables, grains and fruits.
The dogs reflect on the care and dedication which goes into them.
all dogs even girls with lots pups on them are always in top condition and our girls make oodles of milk due to the high quality diet and care.
Puppies are mud fat and get plenty of mums milk until 7 weeks age .
They commence lots of high quality fresh foods food from 3.5-4 weeks of age on-wards as well.

All about health

At Valley Gem we strive to breed a robust strong bodied dog which is hardy and with good conformation for healthy longevity.
We breed for stability by working and testing breeding dogs for thick nerves.
We breed dogs which love the ball and water . We target breeding a interactive dog which loves to please their owner with good handler sensitivity and balanced drives.

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