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European Doberman puppies for sale.

Pedigreed, Microchipped, Vaccinated, wormed 2 weekly from 2 weeks age.
Quality bloodlines bred for over 30 years good longevity parentage can be viewed on site and grandparents I also owned many generations of these dogs.
Robust outgoing happy dogs.
Had lots of handling children and other pets inclusive of small breed fluffy dogs, pigs, sheep, goats, cows.
all puppies trained to puppy level obedience before leaving vid supplied and or training new owners. Crate trained, toilet trained, sit, down, started retrieval, walking on, leash and harness.
Very strong healthy big boned pups Our dogs are larger solid body types as I breed for Robust conformation easy to train dogs confident reliable safe for children and home protection great family dogs.
They are reared on healthy fresh food diet with quality dry science diet for minerals.
I am a Former Police Dog trainer RAAF and give new owners ongoing support help and training.
Detailed puppy pack provided and vet checks of all pups before leaving fit to fly's supplied and puppies can be transported with flights organized by breeder and transported to Brisbane airport.
Please feel free to call or come and view my facilities and dogs we welcome inspections.
Owners get to choose names on pedigree.
Cheryl 0416136633

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Herr Louis Dobermann (with two 'n's) was a dog loving tax collector. To protect himself on his rounds he bred an outstanding guard dog which became poplar worldwide. The breed has its heritage back to some of the old German dogs such as the Rottweiler and the smooth haired German Pinscher, as well as the Black and Tan Terrier of England.
In 1900 The breed was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club.

A great all-round dog

For many years the Dobermann has made its mark with the Search and Rescue Teams.They have an excellent nose for tracking. A few owners have been surprised by the pointing and retrieving instincts of the Dobe and have made excellent hunting companions out of their pets. Dobes can also be found herding sheep (one such Dobe even has a Herding Dog Certificate) and bringing the cows in at milking time. Its qualities of intelligence and ability to absorb and retain training brought it in demand as a police and war dog. The Dobermanns loyalty, devotion, confidence and high degree of trainability made the Doberman the dog of choice by the USMC during WWII. They are also being used as a guide dog as well as an outstanding therapy dog.

Uncanny reasoning ability

The Dobermann is one of the smartest dogs of dogdom with an uncanny reasoning ability. These qualities combined with the Dobe's deceptive power, exuberance for life, and his simple yet complex nature and temperament, requires extra time for early socialization, obedience training and exercise.

Please consider...

Dobermanns are not recommended for people with limited time and experience. The Dobermann is extremely affectionate and has been able to find his way into the hearts of his owners, like no other breed. They make very loyal devoted family dogs. Film and television sometimes portrayed an undeserved negative image of the breed. They are great with children and other animals if grown up together. Many people are life long devotes of this magnificent "Rolls Royce " of dogs with the heart and spirit of a gentleman.



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