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Taking Deposits now for litter born 2/09/2019
Valleygem CandyCane and Valleygem Buddy

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A Long Healthy Life

At ValleyGem Dobermanns we pride ourselves on breeding Dobermanns with healthy longelivity. Many of our previous Dobermanns have been living till 13-16 years of age. Our target is breeding a easy to live with, easy to train dog which is stable, healthy and robust in body.


We would appreciate that anyone wishing to purchase a puppy from Valley Gem to pick-up the puppy in person and make some time to do training with us. Our pups will be imprinted and given obedience training before they will be ready to leave at 8 weeks. Quality handling and training have been given to the puppies , they are toilet trained ,crate trained, loud noise imprinted, they have been reared as inside and outside so very adaptive .
They have been puppy obedience trained ,they are also walking on a harness and leash and have started retrieval training as well.
We have them well socialized with small children, and also sitting on scale, getting nails clipped, and ears cleaned .
They come vaccinated,micro-chipped,pedigreed,wormed regularly,with a detailed puppy pack and airline travel blanket.
They have a fit to fly from our vet provided.
New owners are trained with their puppy (takes 1.5hrs ) and a USB provided of puppy's training .
This is all included in the price of the puppy and anyone unable to come do puppy pickup in person we can arrange the training usb to be posted as well as puppy pack and paperwork.
We do however prefer puppy's picked up in person if possible.

Micro chipped and Vaccinated

All ValleyGem pups are registered with the Canine Control Council, micro chipped, vaccinated, wormed, and are dna tested for vwd. All pups also come with a detailed puppy pack presented in a folder with comprehensive information about a appropriate healthy diet and training tips.

A Natural Diet

The puppies are fed on all natural diet of foods such as fresh beef, fish, chicken, vegetables, fruits and 'Vets All Natural Complete Mix', barley or rolled oats. We have been training for 30 years and pride ourselves on our ongoing relationships and support of people who purchase our puppies we have had relationships with previous clientele for over 20 years currently some of our clients have Dobermanns we sold them 14 years ago and still going strong which we are very proud of.

Puppy Care

Click here to download our handy VALLEY GEM PUPPY CARE GUIDE


All our Dobermans have tails. It is illegal in Australia to dock the tails or crop ears. Docked tails have been proven to course health problems such as perianal hernias and pro-lapses. We have found that a Dobermanns with a tail is more athletic balanced and has less tendencies to develop back problems such as compressed nerves in spine. The tail is an extension of the spine and is important for mobility and all the fun things a dog likes to do.

Thanking you for showing interest in our Doberman's. If you would like to purchase a puppy don't hesitate to contact us or pay a visit. We are very proud to show our Dobermanns knowing that you'll appreciate their calmness and great nature.

Kind Regards,
Cheryl Spring

Valleygem Aster and Barron Vom Blitzkreiger froz semen AI

DOB: 06/11/2018

Valleygem will be taking bookings now as interest in this litter very high demand.
Call Cheryl on 04 1613 6633 for more info.

About the puppies:

Very stable reliable dog great with small kids .
Has good guarding ability and protective instincts in his yard and of his family , he adores kids and is protective .
He is very good with all other children and has been taken to kindy pickups with loads of children all over him he is completely safe boy in all situations with children .
He also can climb up on trampoline with kids to play quite a character
loves balls and water
Clean toilet trained , crate trained , walks well on leash ,sit down stay .
is reliable off leash .
Yago is bred from AI Imported Semen CAN 1992.
He is a Very :Large male already 45kg will mature over 50kg .
Yaygo is 73cm at shoulder now.
He is a very Good natured boy and has been constantly with children and also with elderly.
Yaygo is capable of protection training as has very good grip naturally and drives suitable for training .
Both his brothers are doing Protection Sports .
Both are very stable dogs great with people and children.
Yaygo has been around livestock and can be off leash trustworthy . He can run nice;ly off a twin pram down roads and bush trails He is a easy dog to have around and is very affectionate natured.
Please Call Cheryl for enquires.



Sire: Barron Vom Blitzkreiger

To view the pedigree click Valleygem Sires

Dam: Valleygem Aster

To view the pedigree click Valleygem Dams

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