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Male puppies arrived Valleygem Aster and froz semen from 1998 Barron Vom Blitzkreiger
Valleygem Leroy Red/Rust male puppy very super social and outgoing puppy lovely stable nature .
Mother Aster is a large 40 plus kg female she is from Valleygem Poppett x Energo Naiss Ginga House IMP SERBIA
Energo was dog of the year in Serbia and was a substancial quality male very reliable stable dog great kids and other animals .
Aster Energos daughter mother of the puppies is exteremly stable social happy dog who is excellent with small children .
Aster is exteremly ball driven and an amazingly obsessed water dog loves swimming anywhere lap pools canals surf very good swimmer and very upfront outgoing dog .
an exhubrantly happy natured dog .
very safe and reliable in all situations .
Energo Sired Aster when he was 10 years age , Energo was Shultzhund 1 titled . Energo lived till 11 yrs age .
Father Barron Vom Blitzkreiger was from Blitzkreiger kennels Canada some of the oldest working police bloodlines in the world .
Barron was a large stable male who was very good with children and safe reliable dog .
Barron was imported to Australia in 1998 and semen collected before being Exported to the USA .
Barron was Shultzhund 11 titled .
These male puppies are very heavy boned puppys , very upfront strong characters .
exceptional quality puppies.
There is very good longevity on both the sires and dams lineage with dogs living from 11-16 yrs age in the pedigree.
info and pics on available puppy page.
Puppies will be toilet trained , crate trained , walking on leash /harness.
puppy basic obedience .
Puppies are microchipped, vac,wormed regularly, frontline sprayed, pedigreed, fit to flys supplied ( health checked by vet)
and full DNA profile tested .
Leroy has been to busy dog beaches and shops and cafes very outgoing guy .
Pics on website , and please call for any more pics and vids of this happy go lucky young male puppy.

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Hi Cheryl Homer is an awesome dude love him to bits he is bombproof.

The Graetz Family

Hi Cheryl,

We just wanted to thank you again for choosing DJ for us, he such a smart and great natured (big)boy, everyone he meets can't believe his amazing quality and instantly falls in love with him. He has settled in really well even after a big day day of flying him home to Victoria, and we put this down to the love, care and time you have put into Raising these beautiful dogs along with the continual support and the answering of my hundreds of questions day and night hehe. It's so nice to know we made the right the right choice to get our puppy from you and we couldn't imagine life without him now, so much so there has been talk of a second this space!

P.S please feel free to use this as a reference for anyone considering in getting one of your puppies.

Thanks again Dan & Jess

Dear Cheryl,
Words cannot describe the amount of happiness that has been brought into the household since Staunchy has arrived. We are so pleased with how well he has been brought up and the affection that he displays. He truly is an amazing Dobermann and we definitely have you to thank for it!
From day one of being in contact with you, you have done nothing but the best to ensure that I purchased a great quality dog. The countless hours and effort put into it all will never go unappreciated. You do an exceptional job at breeding these beautiful dogs, and we are just thankful enough to have been able to not only buy a pup from you, but to share the experience of the training process etc. You take great pride within your work, and it truly shows!

Thank you once again for Staunchy, he is loving his new home getting spoiled!
Yours Truly ,
Paul & Cindy

Hi Cheryl,

First I like to say a big Thank You for my beautiful Iggy. He is such a smart boy and he has learned so much these last 2 years! His new trainer loves him and can't believe what a great and stable temperament he has.... Everyone who sees him is in awe of him saying how handsome and proud looking he is.

At home he is such a funny dog, a real clown, who get's into mischief quiet often. At work he is just amazing !!! When I put his working collar on he is 6 foot tall and bullet proof. He has proven him self on several occasions now. He has shown a lot of guts, and he is very protective of me.

I love him to pieces and I wouldn't trade him for a million bucks. He's my man !!!

Thank you so much Cheryl for all great advise and help with training etc. Iggy and I are a great team and I am so blessed to have him....... Carina Gintner (K-9 Dog Handler- Security)

Hi Cheryl,
Just wanted to show you some updated pictures we got done of Zoe.
The wonderful ken from Zoo studios.
Captured her beautifully,
She is doing so well and we adore her.

Tash and Dave.

Hi Lovely,

Little miss got off her flight with me and although i was slightly concerned for her to walk through a super busy airport, she was so confident and marched out ready to take all the racket on and did it with class, without a yelp in her. She settled very well and due to me being at your facility prior with her, that is what made me have a much more advanced cognition on being the best handler suited.

She's highly witty and already a potential courageous guard dog who's also amazing with babies and who I introduce her to.. all bundled in an environmental unapprehensive temperament. What more can i say? She's infectious and I'm coming back for another one.. I would love the handsome Argo.. If ofcourse.. you are willing enough for me to continue what you've started hehe.

Once again a huge thank you for enlightenning me and correcting my previous years of experience of handling, to which I've spent many thousands on from several guard / dog training facilities that result in long term health, longevity, behavior / liability issues.

P.s. Please consider a Prince for the Princess
Warm Regards,



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